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Support Each Other List

Me and Adrian

Help with rent or a place to stay that’s really cheap and kid friendly

Need rent help or a place to stay within 3 days or my toddler and I will be screwed.

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me and my five children need help with a bill that I owe , back rent

This Bill is keeping my family homeless

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POSTED BY Karen Smith

Coats and Snowpants Needed

Coats and Snow Pants for Children

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POSTED BY April Knutson

MacKenzie Jackson Needs Support After the Loss of Her Parents

I’m reaching out on behalf on MacKenzie Jackson. In 2012, their mother passed away of a heart attack and on January 4th of this year their father died suddenly. Mackenzie, a West Fargo High 2014 graduate is keeping the family together and creating a home for her family. On Feb. 7, Faith Lutheran Church will

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New/Small Non-Profit Support Group

A support group where non-profits can be stronger together through sharing ideas, stories and expertise.

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POSTED BY anelson1981

Brand Promoters and Customers

I will help promoter earn $1200 in 2 weeks and free products. I will help customers get free products.


Kelly needs a safe car

I am a single mother who unwittingly bought a dangerous irrepaiable vehicle. I desperately need a safe vehicle

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POSTED BY sofia.vargas

Medication/Rent Assistance

Medications/Rental Help, I can only afford one or the other.

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POSTED BY Heather Fischer

Heather needs help with Christmas gifts and bills

I am a single mother who has a serious back injury that has left me unable to work since January of this year. I have four children ages 18,17,15,14. I have used all of my savings that I had to stay a float. I am a month behind on all my bills. I am really


Family in need of clothes

Mom desperately in need of assistance